Easy as 1-2-3!

Choosing Courses

One of the most confusing parts of first year is learning how to maneuver the LORIS website when choosing courses. Luckily, Laurier has introduced a dynamic schedule creating website called the Visual Schedule Builder ( The first time you use the site it will give you pretty clear “how-to” instructions on screen. Follow the instructions properly, and the website will create hundreds of different schedules using your selected courses!


  • In the top right hand corner, there is a drop down bar to sort your preferences. It gives you the options of most days off, morning classes, mid-day classes, evening classes, most off-campus, and most-on campus. This is a great tool because it helps sort your schedule according to your preferences.
  • Once you find a class time you like, click on it’s block to pin it. By pinning it this keeps that class as your continue to shuffle through your other options.
  • To choose a block of time where you do not want to have class, click and drag that time slot.
  • When choosing your electives, make sure to read the course description, and choose based on what interests you. If you enjoy a subject, chances are you will do better in that subject than in something you don’t like.
  • Don’t take a class just because someone else told you it was ‘easy’. Courses that are easy for some may not be for others.
After creating your ideal schedule you will have to go into LORIS to add the CRN codes in order to officially register into your classes. To the left of your schedule there is a area where you can copy the CRN’s from your preferred schedule. After copying the codes, head to your LORIS account and paste them at the bottom where it says “Quick Add”.
If you choose not to use the Visual Schedule Builder, you can still search and find all the classes you’re looking for on LORIS. After going into registration and selecting a term, hit class search. You can search by course or select the option to do an advanced search. If you can’t register for a course try googling the course code (ex: bu111) and select the Laurier official website to view information on the course and if it has prerequisites.

Course Load
In order to be considered a full time student, you must be enrolled in at least three (3) half credit courses in a semester. Generally you will take 5 half credit courses per semester, however it may be required for some programs to take 6. Students must have over a certain average and gain permission before taking additional classes in a semester.

Dropping a Course
If you choose to drop a course you must do so by visiting LORIS or an Academic Advisor. If using LORIS, visit “Student Services” then “Registration”. Beside the name of the course you want to drop you will be able to click a drop down bar and select “drop class”. Make sure to hit “submit changes” before leaving the page to finalize the drop! Remember to check the final drop date before dropping a class, if you drop one after this date you will receive a failing grade on your transcript.